Legalities and Paperwork

Melissa & Dan, Hedgend Maze, Healesville, 2012.

Melissa & Dan, Hedgend Maze, Healesville, 2012.

I will happily guide you through the process from start to finish to ensure all legal requirements under 'The Marriage Act 1961’ are met.

You must complete the 'Notice of Intended Marriage' (NOIM) form no less than 1 month prior to your wedding (no more than 18 months). I supply the NOIM to all my couples and we can complete this together during our first meeting, or at a later date, whatever suits :) Alternatively, if you would like to view/print the NOIM, please click the link at the bottom of this page.

I must legally sight the following documents, at some point prior to your wedding:

  • A Passport or official birth certificate/extract and photo ID (certified copies are NOT accepted). If your birth certificate is in another language, it must be translated by an accredited translator (from NAATI) and I must sight this document prior to your wedding.

  • If you have been married previously, I must also sight evidence of your most recent marriage ending eg. divorce or spouse's death certificate.

I want this process to be easy and stress free for you, so if you’re having trouble finding any of these documents, please contact me as early as possible prior to your wedding and I’ll give you some advice on how to obtain what you need :)