Heterosexual or same sex.... young or mature.... LOVE IS LOVE .... & it should be CELEBRATED!
— Me :)




Everyone has the right to celebrate their union with family and friends. A commitment ceremony is a wonderful way for couples to declare their love, whether they are a same gender couple or heterosexual couple who are unable, or not yet ready to enter into marriage. While commitment ceremonies can be structured similarly to wedding ceremonies, there are no legal requirements in commitment ceremonies.

I am a firm believer in Marriage Equality and look forward to the day when marriage, according to law in Australia, will be between two adults who are in love, regardless of gender :)


I read this quote recently and fell in love with it...... "The best way to renew your marriage is to start all over again." Renewal of vows can be performed at any time throughout your marriage as it is a perfect way to reaffirm the love a couple feel for each other in front of family and friends.

Whether you're after a Commitment ceremony or Vow Renewal, there are many options to choose from. I will guide you through the process from start to finish to determine your vision and create a personalised ceremony that reflects your love and relationship. Similar to a wedding, you may wish to include family, friends or your children and I have many suggestions of how we can do this. I also offer my couples a beautifully designed certificate as a keepsake of their celebration at NO EXTRA COST.